Administrative Information

CLIMLIST is a moderated international electronic mail distribution list for climatologists and those working in closely-related fields. It is primarily intended for persons undertaking research in climatology, teaching climatology and providing services of a climatological nature. It is not intended for those with a general or avocational interest in climatology. Neither is it appropriate for persons whose sole contact with climatology is the use of climate data. However, students undertaking research for a degree are encouraged to subscribe. The list is used to disseminate notices regarding conferences and workshops, data availability, calls for papers, positions available etc, as well as requests for information. In addition, an updated directory of email addresses for the subscribers to the list is directory of email addresses for the subscribers to the list is distributed every month (usually on the 15th).

CLIMLIST is not an appropriate medium for material of a specifically meteorological nature, such as severe weather, forecasting, synoptic discussions and the like. There are alternative network resources for these purposes (e.g. list and Usenet newsgroup sci.geo.meteorology). Neither is CLIMLIST used for 'chatting' about topics, even climatological ones.

You may also contact Dr. Joshua Durkee (CLIMLIST Administrator) by email.

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